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The Shippian Onboarding

First day = first impression

An onboarding doesn’t last only 1 week

Best practices of onboarding

1- Make them feel special and present them to the whole company

  • True for a small startup of 10 people or a company of 500
  • Push your new members to present themselves in a different way via Slack or mail to the whole team (they’re not only a “project manager” or a “back-end developer”, they’re probably an amateur chess player or a great wine taster!)

2- First of everything…

  • First lunches (make sure to plan the first lunches so that they don't feel lost and lonely…)
  • First breaks (newcomers have a tendency to be "over" professional on their first days, so ask them to take a coffee break with you)
  • First drinks (yes, bars have opened…finally. So please, go get a drink! It's great getting to know colleagues outside the work environment)

3- Organisation and information is key

  • Have a to do list for the newcomers so that they don’t need to ask 1000 questions on what they need to do (at Shippeo we go through Asana, very cool tool)
  • Start building a company Bible. During my onboarding, if I ever had any questions I just had to type it in Slite where I would always find my answer. (Shoutout to Slite, the Office Management and HR team)
  • Make a list of readings that are important about your company (obviously) but also the sector, the competition, the product…

4- Feedback

  • Everyone works differently, so during the onboarding, it is the best moment for a team and a manager to talk to the new joiner and make sure that their way of working is suitable for them
  • The best way to build the best onboarding plan is to ask feedback from newcomers at the end of it (anonymously if possible)

The newcomer’s role during the onboarding

1- Create a roadmap about your onboarding process.

  • Read articles about the supply chain sector and its evolution
  • Read every article possible about Shippeo (Press releases, in-house articles, client’s feedbacks…)
  • Check out the competition and read articles about them
  • Meet Shippians through Cyber-Coffees, lunches, drinks and ask them what their day-to-day looks like (this means getting out of my comfort zone)

2- Understand and feel the culture!

3- History is everything

Thanks Shippeo



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Yann Bidaux

Yann Bidaux

International Talent Acquisition Specialist @Shippeo | Alumni at Concordia University | Startup Lover, Amateur Mixologist & Photographer when I travel